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Legal Self Help Center

Established in 2007, the Legal Self Help Center provides legal forms and access to legal information free of charge to the public.  For individuals who cannot afford an attorney or wish to represent his/herself for family or civil matters, the Legal Self Help Center is usually the first stop when beginning a legal procedure.  The Self Help Center is located in the Madison County Law Library and is staffed by a library clerk to answer general questions, assist with research, and guide visitors to available court forms.  While the Center’s staff may provide information, they cannot give any legal advice.

We Can

  • Assist in using public access computers

  • Provide direction to available forms and other court related information

  • Explain how the court works

  • Provide legal information

  • Answer general questions

We Cannot

  • Give legal advice

  • Prepare legal documents

  • Review documents or forms for accuracy

  • Tell you what problems to bring before the court

  • Tell you what relief to seek

  • Talk to the judge for you

  • Tell you what to say in court or go to court with you

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