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Assessment & Treatment Court

The mission of the MC-ATAC program is to promote public safety and reduce recidivism by providing intensive treatment, supervision & judicial oversight for drug dependent individuals, who commit non-violent crimes as a result of their drug addictions, and to return sober, law-abiding citizens back into the community.

What is MC-ATAC?

In a response to Madison County’s significant growth in drug related crimes, local leaders formed a drug control strategy task force. Through a series of public hearings, the task force discovered a need to organize a response to the growing problem. The task force implemented a specialized court, the Madison County Assessment & Treatment Alternative Court (MC-ATAC), known as Drug Court, consisting of both intensive substance abuse treatment and court supervision.

Who is Eligible for Drug Court?

The MC-ATAC programs has 2 tracks available to individuals who have charged with a felony.  Individuals entering the MC-ATAC program will do so through a written agreement between the State’s Attorney’s office and the defense attorney.

Track I

*Individuals who are first time felony offenders, have little to no criminal history and are charged with one of the following:

  • Class 3 & 4 Drug Possession (No trafficking)

  • Class 3 & 4 Theft or Retail Theft

  • Deceptive Practices or Forgery

  • Criminal Damage to Property

  • Prostitution

  • Charged with an offense not listed above, but have prior approval of the State’s Attorney’s Office


*Individuals enter treatment and successfully complete requirements in lieu of prosecution

Track II

*Individuals who are not eligible for Track I, have a prior criminal history, are currently on probation or who qualify for being places on probation. Individuals considered for this Track must have prior approval of the State’s Attorney’s Office.

*Individuals who enter treatment and successfully complete requirements are eligible for early discharge from probation.

Drug Court Brochure

Project Safe Recovery Brochure

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